As a professional magician based in Vancouver BC I feel the need to constantly educate myself in my magic line of work. In fact I just came back from a truly exceptional magic conference in Las Vegas – Magic and Meaning 2011. Magic and Meaning happens to be the world’s only magic gathering that deals specifically with creating meaningful magic routines and talks about philosophy & psychology behind magic. It essentially focuses on the question of “WHY” we do what we do as magicians – question that unfortunately very few magicians ask themselves. What can I say about the conference?


For me personally this was without a doubt – by FAR – the best magic conference that I have ever been part of. My magic brain has been blown to bits and was forced to perform a “hard reset” pretty much after each talk. My very beliefs of what magic is has been transformed. Presenters included some of the top world’s magicians and thinkers such as Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass and many many others. Participants were also exposed to the personal magic philosophy of Teller (from Penn & Teller) a presentation that was very insightful indeed.

I even got to chat with Peter Reveen (the hypnotist) and Lance Burton – both are considered to be ‘living legends’ in the world of show business. Peter was very down to earth and shared some of his business secrets with me. He really is an awesome & very classy guy!

It will take me a considerable amount of time to digest all the info unselfishly shared by some of the world’s top magic masters. Many attendees compared this transformative experience to being a ‘born again magician’. I wholeheartedly agree and I am looking forward to the next year!

Also keep in mind that if you want to bring some magic to your special event in Vancouver or Lower mainland for your upcoming Christmas party give your local Vancouver magician a shout 604-306-6229.

By Vancouver magician


P.S. Sorry about any mistypes etc. I am about content first and grammar (distant) second 🙂

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