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Vancouver Magician and Picasso's Fees

What do Vancouver magician Yeeri and Picasso have in common? That depends.

I have heard this great story – in the 1930’s, Pablo Picasso was walking through a public market when one woman recognized him. “Mr. Picasso would you mind drawing a picture of me?” she said. “No problem” he replied and in no time he hands her a beautiful picture of her back. “Thanks” she says and starts walking away. “Excuse me” said Picasso, “but that will be a million dollars!” “Million dollars?” replied the puzzled lady “Million dollars????? You can’t be serious – it only took you 5 minutes to draw that picture!” “5 Minutes? Oh dear lady, it has taken me 30 years to learn how to draw like this in 5 minutes!”

The point is it’s all about experience. Think about it – if you needed to have an operation done, would you prefer to have it done by someone who just graduated from university or by a specialist who has been doing your type of surgery for the past 25 years?  Exactly… Granted, the magic show business might not be a “life or death” type of industry, but think about how many times you have seen or heard horror stories of a sub-par entertainer that cheapened or spoiled the entire event? It happens more often than you think…

Unlike the vast majority of other Vancouver magicians or entertainers who perform only part time or do magic as a hobby, Yeeri is a full time professional magician with over 26 years of experience. His client list is unparalleled in his marketplace.

Vancouver Magician Yeeri performs full time at special events, conventions, Christmas parties, private parties and anything in between and often gets asked about his fees.  Several factors affect what Yeeri charges including the type of magic show required, the type of event and the size of audience.

Compared to the rest of the Vancouver magicians, Yeeri’s fees might be slightly higher, but with that you are getting over 26 years of experience and peace of mind knowing that regardless of the type of event or the audience present, your event will be a smash success, guaranteed!

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