Has Magic Lost It’s Magic?

August 31st, 2011

By Vancouver Magician Yeeri

Magic – for the most part – seems to be a dying art. Sad but true. There are hardly any magicians on TV and finding a sold out magic show in the real world (outside of Vegas that is) is like a magic trick in itself. As a professional magician I am asking myself – what the heck happened, why is that?

In the last several months I have been on a interesting quest into the heart of magic and I got some interesting answers…

The truth is that in the vast majority magicians have  NOT been performing magic, they are just performing tricks and who really likes to be “tricked”? Exactly… After all even a monkey can learn to do a trick… I think that this is the very heart of the problem.

It’s like most magicians are almost interchangeable – same props (ok maybe different color props) but for the most part not that much different. Very few magicians are actual ARTISTS – most of them just copy each other and the results speak for themselves.

When people think of the word “magic” they usually think of a magician in a cheap suit performing tricks at kid’s birthday party, but that’s not the magic that I am talking about – that’s just a guy doing bunch of tricks and has actually NOTHING to do with the word magic in the real sense of the word.

Magic when presented properly totally defies logic, it has the unique ability to evoke the emotions of awe, wonder and utter amazement like no other art out there. Magic makes us dream. Magic makes us question what is really possible – deep deep inside of you. It makes us reconnect with the very essence of us – your soul – the part of us that believes that you can, the part of us that tells to try it anyway even though it makes no ‘logical’ sense, magic makes you discover things about yourself you never knew existed…

More on this subject later…

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