By Vancouver Magician Yeeri

Like I mentioned in my last post I was on a quest of discovering the very heart of magic – what it is, what is the essence of it and also what it is not (hint – it’s not the tricks, really).

As a part of my research I looked into many books that talk about magic and also studied some of the greats of my art – magicians that really changed the face of magic forever. So naturally, the name of famous Canadian magician Doug Henning came up. I have read his biography and it mentions one of the life defining moments that affected Doug when he was a ‘nobody’ and he was just getting started…

It happened when young Doug was invited to perform for Innuits (often referred to as Eskimos) up north in the middle of winter. Anyway Doug does his show and gets minimal reactions – his translator assures him that he did great, it’s just that for all these Innuits this was the very first time they have actually seen a magician…

So after the show Doug starts talking to the Innuit Chief asking him if he liked the show. “Yes we liked it – we are glad you came to entertain us…” “Did you like the magic?” asked Doug “What magic?” responded the chief. This response of course made Doug bit confused – didn’t he just do a full 45 min magic show for these guys? “Well for example when I made a silver ball float in the air that was magic…” “Why do you do magic?” replied the chief – Doug was speechless. WHY do I do magic? The chief went on “The big ball in the sky that moves by itself and gives us warmth that’s magic!”

“But what about when I made the bird appear out of nowhere? Isn’t that magic?” asked Doug “The Walrus reappears out of nowhere every spring and nests in that tree over there – that’s magic” replied the Chief.

By now more of the elders showed up and the Chief started to explain them in their native tongue the conversation he was having with Doug. The discussion amongst the Eskimos became heated – finally the Chief turns to Doug with big smile and responds “Ahhh now we know what you are doing, it’s because your people have forgotten magic! Well Done!”

They shook Doug’s hand and left the auditorium – and Doug burst into tears.

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