As a professional magician based in Vancouver BC I feel the need to constantly educate myself in my magic line of work. In fact I just came back from a truly exceptional magic conference in Las Vegas – Magic and Meaning 2011. Magic and Meaning happens to be the world’s only magic gathering that deals specifically with creating meaningful magic routines and talks about philosophy & psychology behind magic. It essentially focuses on the question of “WHY” we do what we do as magicians – question that unfortunately very few magicians ask themselves. What can I say about the conference?


For me personally this was without a doubt – by FAR – the best magic conference that I have ever been part of. My magic brain has been blown to bits and was forced to perform a “hard reset” pretty much after each talk. My very beliefs of what magic is has been transformed. Presenters included some of the top world’s magicians and thinkers such as Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass and many many others. Participants were also exposed to the personal magic philosophy of Teller (from Penn & Teller) a presentation that was very insightful indeed.

I even got to chat with Peter Reveen (the hypnotist) and Lance Burton – both are considered to be ‘living legends’ in the world of show business. Peter was very down to earth and shared some of his business secrets with me. He really is an awesome & very classy guy!

It will take me a considerable amount of time to digest all the info unselfishly shared by some of the world’s top magic masters. Many attendees compared this transformative experience to being a ‘born again magician’. I wholeheartedly agree and I am looking forward to the next year!

Also keep in mind that if you want to bring some magic to your special event in Vancouver or Lower mainland for your upcoming Christmas party give your local Vancouver magician a shout 604-306-6229.

By Vancouver magician


P.S. Sorry about any mistypes etc. I am about content first and grammar (distant) second 🙂

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This Vancouver magician recently bought the whole series of Twilight Zone – whole 156 episodes. Welcome to the zone – yup… The reason I really this show is because of the excellent writing and the fact that – in the zone – anything is possible. I like the twists in the stories and I also like the pieces of meaning that Rod Sterling included in the program (try to find that in today’s TV ;)).

As a magician myself I really dig the exploration of some of the wondrous themes such as mind reading, traveling back in time, coming back from the dead, concepts of illusion and reality etc. etc.

Rod Sterling was truly one of the best of the best when it came to creativity. If you have never seen this series you really gotta check it out. It’s black and white TV, cheap sets and all, but overall this series of does have a LOT to say.

Later today I am off to Vegas to study with some of the “Greats” of magic Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger (among others) so I’ll keep you posted – this is one magical occasion that I am really excited about…

BTW – since this is the time that lot of companies start thinking about the entertainment for their X-mas parties feel free to give me a call I’ll see if I could be of any help in making your event really special. Whether it’s Vancouver close up magic for your company’s Christmas cocktail party, a stage show as an after dinner entertainment or a family magic show for Breakfast with Santa please let me know. My schedule is already filling up for the Holiday season.

Take care & keep the magic!

Vancouver magician


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By Vancouver Magician Yeeri

Like I mentioned in my last post I was on a quest of discovering the very heart of magic – what it is, what is the essence of it and also what it is not (hint – it’s not the tricks, really).

As a part of my research I looked into many books that talk about magic and also studied some of the greats of my art – magicians that really changed the face of magic forever. So naturally, the name of famous Canadian magician Doug Henning came up. I have read his biography and it mentions one of the life defining moments that affected Doug when he was a ‘nobody’ and he was just getting started…

It happened when young Doug was invited to perform for Innuits (often referred to as Eskimos) up north in the middle of winter. Anyway Doug does his show and gets minimal reactions – his translator assures him that he did great, it’s just that for all these Innuits this was the very first time they have actually seen a magician…

So after the show Doug starts talking to the Innuit Chief asking him if he liked the show. “Yes we liked it – we are glad you came to entertain us…” “Did you like the magic?” asked Doug “What magic?” responded the chief. This response of course made Doug bit confused – didn’t he just do a full 45 min magic show for these guys? “Well for example when I made a silver ball float in the air that was magic…” “Why do you do magic?” replied the chief – Doug was speechless. WHY do I do magic? The chief went on “The big ball in the sky that moves by itself and gives us warmth that’s magic!”

“But what about when I made the bird appear out of nowhere? Isn’t that magic?” asked Doug “The Walrus reappears out of nowhere every spring and nests in that tree over there – that’s magic” replied the Chief.

By now more of the elders showed up and the Chief started to explain them in their native tongue the conversation he was having with Doug. The discussion amongst the Eskimos became heated – finally the Chief turns to Doug with big smile and responds “Ahhh now we know what you are doing, it’s because your people have forgotten magic! Well Done!”

They shook Doug’s hand and left the auditorium – and Doug burst into tears.

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Has Magic Lost It’s Magic?

August 31st, 2011

By Vancouver Magician Yeeri

Magic – for the most part – seems to be a dying art. Sad but true. There are hardly any magicians on TV and finding a sold out magic show in the real world (outside of Vegas that is) is like a magic trick in itself. As a professional magician I am asking myself – what the heck happened, why is that?

In the last several months I have been on a interesting quest into the heart of magic and I got some interesting answers…

The truth is that in the vast majority magicians have  NOT been performing magic, they are just performing tricks and who really likes to be “tricked”? Exactly… After all even a monkey can learn to do a trick… I think that this is the very heart of the problem.

It’s like most magicians are almost interchangeable – same props (ok maybe different color props) but for the most part not that much different. Very few magicians are actual ARTISTS – most of them just copy each other and the results speak for themselves.

When people think of the word “magic” they usually think of a magician in a cheap suit performing tricks at kid’s birthday party, but that’s not the magic that I am talking about – that’s just a guy doing bunch of tricks and has actually NOTHING to do with the word magic in the real sense of the word.

Magic when presented properly totally defies logic, it has the unique ability to evoke the emotions of awe, wonder and utter amazement like no other art out there. Magic makes us dream. Magic makes us question what is really possible – deep deep inside of you. It makes us reconnect with the very essence of us – your soul – the part of us that believes that you can, the part of us that tells to try it anyway even though it makes no ‘logical’ sense, magic makes you discover things about yourself you never knew existed…

More on this subject later…

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(By Admin)

Vancouver Magician

Vancouver Magician and Picasso's Fees

What do Vancouver magician Yeeri and Picasso have in common? That depends.

I have heard this great story – in the 1930’s, Pablo Picasso was walking through a public market when one woman recognized him. “Mr. Picasso would you mind drawing a picture of me?” she said. “No problem” he replied and in no time he hands her a beautiful picture of her back. “Thanks” she says and starts walking away. “Excuse me” said Picasso, “but that will be a million dollars!” “Million dollars?” replied the puzzled lady “Million dollars????? You can’t be serious – it only took you 5 minutes to draw that picture!” “5 Minutes? Oh dear lady, it has taken me 30 years to learn how to draw like this in 5 minutes!”

The point is it’s all about experience. Think about it – if you needed to have an operation done, would you prefer to have it done by someone who just graduated from university or by a specialist who has been doing your type of surgery for the past 25 years?  Exactly… Granted, the magic show business might not be a “life or death” type of industry, but think about how many times you have seen or heard horror stories of a sub-par entertainer that cheapened or spoiled the entire event? It happens more often than you think…

Unlike the vast majority of other Vancouver magicians or entertainers who perform only part time or do magic as a hobby, Yeeri is a full time professional magician with over 26 years of experience. His client list is unparalleled in his marketplace.

Vancouver Magician Yeeri performs full time at special events, conventions, Christmas parties, private parties and anything in between and often gets asked about his fees.  Several factors affect what Yeeri charges including the type of magic show required, the type of event and the size of audience.

Compared to the rest of the Vancouver magicians, Yeeri’s fees might be slightly higher, but with that you are getting over 26 years of experience and peace of mind knowing that regardless of the type of event or the audience present, your event will be a smash success, guaranteed!

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By: Admin

If you want to experience some Vancouver magic at your next party or special event you have a lot of options when it comes hiring entertainment – whether we are talking about hiring magicians or other entertainers in general. Of course the type of your private or corporate party determines the suitability of the entertainment as well.  So why should you hire Vancouver magician Yeeri for your next event? Glad you asked – here the 6 top reasons:

Reason #1


Vancouver magician Yeeri guarantees to make your special event or party unforgettable and impressive or you don’t pay! It’s really as simple as that.

Reason #2


Yeeri’s client list is head and shoulders above any other Vancouver magician. Yeeri performed for superstars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah McLachlan, Steve Nash and many, many others (click here to see what celebrities are saying about this Vancouver magician). Yeeri’s corporate client list is also second to none and his magic is often the preferred entertainment choice at many gala high profile events and conferences here in Vancouver, British Columbia. No wonder that in Vancouver’s event planning circles he is often referred to as  ‘Vancouver’s Celebrity Magician.’ If you are unsure which Vancouver magician to hire for your next event, Yeeri’s client list will certainly provide you with a rock solid proof that you are about to engage a top notch professional!

Reason #3


Unlike the vast majority of Vancouver magicians or BC magicians who are only hobbyists or ‘part-timers’ Vancouver magician Yeeri is an accomplished full time PROFESSIONAL magician with over 26 years of experience and over 2500 live events under his belt! Yeeri performs close up walk around magic, stage comedy magic shows and/or stage illusion shows at Vancouver’s corporate events, conferences, grand openings, trade shows, Christmas parties, boat cruises, birthday & corporate parties, children’s magic shows, Dry Grads, fundraisers, gala parties etc. With so many experiences performing at various events, parties etc. you can rest assured that Yeeri will be able to handle any challenges smoothly should they arise.

Reason #4


Yeeri’s easy going, warm and charismatic personality is the secret of why so many clients rehire him for their special events over and over again. It’s always the personality of the performer that makes the magic come alive, period. It is also the reason why so many event planners prefer to work with him during large corporate events etc.  Yeeri is very easy to work with – his show is completely self contained (including wireless mic, special effects, etc.), he always arrives well ahead of time to make sure that his show starts on time and he even provides your MC with a written introduction for the show so YOU don’t have to worry about details like this! Working with Vancouver Celebrity Magician Yeeri on your next event is a breeze!

Reason #5


Unlike many Vancouver magicians that often perform a ‘one size fits all’ show regardless of the type of event, Vancouver magician Yeeri can customize the length of his show, the theme of his show, the special effects used and the appearance of his show to fit your exact needs giving your event planning team the freedom to be more creative!

Reason #6


Vancouver magician Yeeri is the ONLY Vancouver magician and entertainer in BC who offers his clients a “better than money back” guarantee – put it simply – if you are not thrilled with one Yeeri’s magic shows not only he will refund your money, but in addition he will also write a cheque for $100 to the charity of your choice as his way of apologizing for wasting your time!  Is that fair enough?

As you can see when you hire Vancouver magician Yeeri you can rest assured that your event will be in the hands of a true professional!

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First magic post

February 19th, 2010

Hello everybody! My name is Yeeri and here is a sample of what I can do. Check out the video, go visit my website and get back to me!

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